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Assault Plus


Manufacturer:  Namco licensed to Atari for US

Game Designer:  Kunio Ogawara

Released:  1988

Purchased:  December, 2004

Condition:  Working 100% - 8 of 10

Sold:  April 2005


Assault Pluse CPO


Work done

Installed Leg levers

Installed Locks and keys


Assault Quick Reference

Joystick Repair

Adding Stereo Sound

Control Panel Scan

Assault Flyer



Assault Sounds

Attract Mode



Assault Plus ROMs


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        Assault featured a unique cabinet and graphics ahead of its time for 1988.  The Assault cabinet is probably one of the narrowest cabinets ever produced. You could say it is the slim and tall, super-model of arcade cabinets as the width is approximately 18 inches while its height towers at over 6 feet 3 inches!  I'll give you an example of some game dimensions.  My Tron is only 19.5 inches wide by 5 feet tall and that's a cabaret/mini cabinet.  The Mortal Kombat upright is 28 inches wide and stands at just over 6 feet.  The artwork on the control panel, front and side art is very cool trying to simulate a futuristic tank.  The control panel and front is splattered with dials, gauges and other readouts.  

        Tank, BattleZone and now Assault have been added to the successful genre of tank combat games.  "You:  A highly trained mobile arsenal, a killing machine, and an army of one.  Your mission: Search and destroy in the heart of one of the most hostile enemy bases.  Armed within the metal beast you must fight wave after wave of bad guys as you attempt to save the planet from doom."

    In Assault, your highly responsive and maneuverable tank always stays centered when moving and the screen rotates around you.  Your tank can hop in the air using "lift zones" to bomb your enemies from above.  To achieve the cool rotating and scaling graphic effects, Assault used the Namco System 2 hardware platform.

        Here are a few pictures of my Assault coin-op. This dedicated Assault cabinet is really clean and all original.  Most Assaults that I have seen have been really beaten up with missing joysticks or torn artwork.  The side art on this one has been clipped for some reason but it's still a nice cabinet.  I first played Assault at the lower arcade level of Springfield Mall in VA.      

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